Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Paypal's Toll Free customer service number

I have been a customer of Paypal for quite some time - but till recently I did not know that they had a toll free number. They do. It is 1-888-221-1161

Why doesn't Paypal advertise their toll free number - is it because they want to scare away customers who want to call up customer service.

I called the number and I got a IVR. It's a voice activated menu which seemed overly complicated to navigate. But give it a try. It's toll free.


Customer Service Numbers said...

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Matt said...

After entering your account information with the automated voice system (phone number on the account and last 4 digits of the account number), if you say "operator" as your menu choice you should get placed in a queue to speak to a real person.

You will have to jump through some hoops with the automated system first so it can place you in the correct queue. It may even give you instructions on how to solve your problem. At the end, however, if you say "operator" again as a menu choice, you'll be in good shape.

Also, it told em the wait time for the queue was over 15 minutes, but my call was answered in under 5 minutes.

855 Phone Numbers said...

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Cheap Cell Phone Plans said...

Yes, but now with all the cheap cell phone plans..I'm not sure toll numbers are useful anymore.

Fran Duma said...

I just finished talking to a customer service rep. named Kristen
She was absolutely wonderful, and walked me through the steps to get my answer.
She was so helpful and patient and would rate a 10!
I told her she would need a break after talking to me!
Thank you
Fran Duma

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